City engineer services

Not all communities have dedicated technical staff. We can provide engineering support services in those situations. We have engineers on staff that can serve as your local on-call "city engineer" and representative without the need for a full-time employee.

Developer plan review

We provide transportation, drainage, and site development technical reviews for projects submitted to municipalities for approval when dedicated staff is unavailable or specific expertise is needed.

construction detail and Standard specification development

If your community is in need of standardization and consistency for your projects, we can help define those standards and details. We've helped develop roadway roundabout, drainage, water main, and other miscellaneous construction details and standards for communities.

Bond Management

CrossRoad Engineers has been providing Bond Management services in the State of Indiana for over 15 years. These services include project identification and scope determination, development of early project budgets, technical review of design work by others, standard bid documents, standard design and construction specifications, construction sequencing, overall maintenance of traffic planning, public relations, overall program utility coordination, financial tracking of individual projects and overall program, payment disbursements, annual construction cost reporting, annual 1099 reporting, etc. Our extensive experience in these areas can be a crucial asset to your community's bond program success.