CrossRoad Engineers has a tremendous amount of experience in the area of Utility Engineering. Our clients benefit from this experience in several areas:

Utility Coordination for Transportation Projects

These services are provided on locally funded, federally funded, INDOT projects. Our engineers coordinate with affected utility companies to determine the locations of their facilities. We ensure all existing utility facilities are shown correctly on design plans, then assist the utility in conforming with the INDOT utility coordination process. In addition, we also guide utilities through work plan preparation, submittal, and approval process.

Utility Representation

We represent numerous utility companies that are impacted by transportation projects. Our utility engineers review plans that are presented to utility companies in an effort to eliminate, or at least minimize the impacts they are facing. When necessary, we use SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) to pinpoint the horizontal and vertical locations - commonly called pot holing. This information is collected, evaluated, and compared to the proposed transportation improvements. Using this information we then coordinate with the designers and offer alternative roadway designs that can reduce the utility’s relocation costs without adversely affecting the proposed roadway improvements. Where conflicts cannot be avoided, we then prepare relocation plans for the utility’s facilities, bid the relocation work, and also manage or inspect the construction of the utility relocations.

Utility Capital Improvement Projects

We provide the services necessary for the construction of water and wastewater distribution facilities. These services include survey, water main design, sewer main design, lift station design, easement engineering, easement acquisition, project bidding, and construction inspection. Our experience includes more than 100 miles of distribution lines located all over the State of Indiana.