Right-of-Way Engineering Services

CrossRoad Engineers provides right-of-way services on both locally funded and federally funded transportation projects. They include courthouse research, procuring title work, preparing parcel plats, and writing legal descriptions.

Also included is the preparation of right-of-way plans for use in acquiring parcels and the field staking of parcels to be acquired. All of this work is performed under the supervision of our in-house Indiana registered land surveyors.

Right-of-Way Acquisition Services

The right-of-way services listed below are needed on many transportation projects, whether locally funded or federally funded. Many of the services can be handled in house but for those that can not we provide management of the subconsultants that perform the necessary services.  

  • Negotiation

  • Closing

  • Relocation Services

  • Appraisal Problem Analysis

  • Appraisal

  • Review Appraisal

We coordinate, distribute, and review all of the work that they perform.

Easement Engineering and Acquisition Services

These services are typically provided on utility projects. Once the utility company has identified easements required for the installation of it's facilities, we prepare easement plats and descriptions for those parcels. Field staking of the parcels is also performed. We then extend offers and provide negotiations to secure the easements.